Our Facility

PBR Kennels is committed to making sure your pet is safe and comfortable!

PBR Kennels has large/heated/indoor kennels. (6×7) Kennels are constructed of heavy-duty chain link, 7′ or 8′ high indoor and 6′ with 2′ security wire on top outside.

One kennel is equipped with a chain link top for the Hudini who thinks he/she can reach the top (Boxers) Each kennel has it’s own exit to a larger outside run. The outside runs connect to other larger runs for extended group play if your pet is compatible. Dogs are fed according to your special instructions and exercised 3 times a day.

Raised beds are available for added comfort during your pets stay. There is no problem with special needs, social issues or needed medications. In an emergency the local vet hospital is less than 2 miles away.

The required vaccinations for using a kennel are:
Rabies, distemper/parvo and bordetella Kennel Cough. The kennel cough vac should be given at least a week prior to using a kennel & most kennels like it done every 6 months. Your records might show that it is good for 12 months, but all vets will give it at 6 months.

PBR Kennels prefers you supply the food; we do not like to change a dog’s diet. We don’t want to upset their systems with a food change. Beside an upset stomach, if your dog is not eating as much while being boarded, they will most likely come around to eating when it is their normal food rather than a substitute. We do our best to make sure your pet feels at home. Maybe they need more people time, more puppy time, more in time, more out time. We don’t agree with the saying “they will eat when they are hungry”. Your furry companion should be comfortable & content and eating normal.